White Star Ranch governs the process in which child prodigies are groomed in various fields, including geopolitics and engineering. There are about 20 White Star Ranches in the United States. One early group of prodigees who studied through White Star Ranch included Westmoreland, Nixon, and Kissinger. They studied geopolitics. One group two years behind studied engineering.

Intelligence operatives are deployed at school science fairs and club meetings at every town in the country to scan for potential candidates to further profile. Some are agents on the payroll, and some are retired. Students who agree to go through the training program are given a five-figure payment. The students work during the summers.

High school seniors are recruited for twelve months. For six months, the members are shipped off to various locations where they spend one-on-one time with Nobel prize laureates. They spend an additional six months applying their newfound knowledge to their field.

Two to three times a week, members went to White Star Ranch to work with mentals, geniuses who usually had a physical deformity or a mental illness.[1]


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