The Trogs are known to be some of the most cunning, sadistic, and dangerous creatures in this arm of the galaxy. They are also major sponsors of three of the Collectives currently involved with the plot to take Earth, and the rest of the Sol system, as an asset to exploit. They have already started to strip the gas giant the humans call Jupiter of its wealth of important gases, from hidden bases on its moons.[1]

Characteristics Edit

The Trogs are 7-9 feet tall. They are ant-like creatures who are also a combination of preying mantis and are very well-known out in the sector. They are negatively-oriented, service-to-self beings who work with the Reptilian races.[2]

The Trogs look like eight-foot-long, six-foot-tall, insects; some sort of Hollywood nightmare image of a cross between a mantis and an ant. They are pale-green or brown and have two pairs of walking legs and powerful forelimbs that end in nasty-looking multiple-claw paws.[1]

References Edit

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