Black Sun

Black Sun symbol

The Order of the Black Sun is a German secret society and Secret Earth Government Syndicate. A Texas chapter credits their society with running the Federal Reserve. All of the cult members, at least those who run the Federal Reserve branch of Dallas, are also Freemasons. They refer to the financial debt system as the Babylonian Money Magic Slave System. They channel, through spiritual and technological means, the lower vibrational energy from a “Dark Star” emitting “dark energy” per documentation and their own philosophy.

Dark Pharaoh

The Dark Pharaoh lies at the top of their heirarchy. It is a non-human who is descendent from an off-world royal lineage. It is an extremely ancient being who lives on Earth. It is a shape-shifter, and only its circle of caretakers is allowed to see its true form or speak to it. Anyone outside of that circle who is brought in is never seen again.

The Black Sun is rumored to be the source of power of the Dark Pharaoh as well as of some of the Order’s technology and magic.