Black Sun

Black Sun symbol

As far as the “Source Field” goes, there is a way to break it down into a spectral frequency chart. This is where some of the “Star Wars” ideology came in from the “Black Sun cults”. They were very much into channeling, through spiritual and technological means, the lower vibrational energy, the “dark side”, from the “Force” or “Source Field” from a “Dark Star” emitting “dark energy” per the documentation and their own Philosophy.

Its members love to use pirate jargon. All of the men and women have tatoos of the Black Sun on their backs. They claim to control the Federal Reserve.

Dark Pharaoh Edit

It is a non-human who is descendent from an off-world royal lineage. It is an extremely ancient being who lives on Earth. It is a shape-shifter, and only its circle of caretakers is allowed to see its true form or speak to it. If anyone outside that circle was brought in for an audience, they were never seen again.

The Black Sun is rumored to be the source of power of the Dark Pharaoh as well as some of the Order’s technology and magic.

References Edit

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