The Multi-Interdimensional Nominalistic Energy Repulsion Vehicle Accelerator (MINERVA) exists to survive and perform its duty to the life-forms that it accepts as a symbiont. (2?)

It is an alien-technology ‘living’ thinking craft that used a mind-control interphase between the ship and its human pilot. She raided stars for her power, and sought weak points in the space/time fabric, forming her own ‘gates.’ (2?) Minerva (alien spacecraft in other reports) could travel at light speed because she got her energy from raiding stars on the other side of wormholes. (4) She could shape-shift and was equipped with anti-matter weapons. She’s a fascinating ship. (2?)

She accepts no limitations to her existence. She can be an exploration vehicle or a warship. She accepts no past, present, or future. (2) Another side of that is Minerva, again who is a biological entity, a space ship. She is a one-of-a-kind in our solar system. She's in touch with others of her kind out there. However, she is basically the only one in our solar system, possibly even our galaxy. She is 40,000 years more advanced than our technology.

She considers humans irritants – kind of like fleas – however, she did interface with Mark Richards and he was able to fly her. He had a special configuration of his brain that would interface with her onboard technology. There may have also been a mind-meld involved. (1)

She has been mothballed somewhere in Britain, as any of the substitute pilots who attempted to take control in Richards’ absence have been killed. (3)

She is somewhere in the British Empire. There were nine other people who tried to pilot it, and they all died as they tried to pilot it. (5)

References Edit

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