Lunar Operations Command (LOC) is a human base where most SSP personnel meet up before going further out into the solar system and beyond.[1]

History Edit

LOC was built onto an existing Nazi base, German Moon Base Alpha.[1][2]

Jobs Edit

LOC would keep up with the traffic of all space programs (civilian/military/intelligence satellites, NASA, secret military, other nations and of all of the advanced SSPs) and their assets to try to plan and schedule their locations to prevent them from being visible to each other as much as possible. This includes keeping track of ground based astronomical observatories and their highly documented and controlled access times and the windows of the sky they are scheduled to observe. This is why there are no real accidents when it comes to SSP vessels flying through the live video feeds of the NASA ISS. The traffic is very highly planned and tracked, and if a vessel or craft is caught on the live feed, it was done on purpose.[3]

References Edit

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