(pronounced jO-toon) (2) There are crystalline beings. They are blob-like in structure. This actually relates to an interview Camelot did quite a long time ago with two guys from New York. I have to look up their names to get their names right. They had disclosed this information about these crystalline blob-like beings.

They are the spies of the multiverse. They can shapeshift into a human or a couch or a chair or whatever is close to their size. Apparently, they can't shapeshift too much larger than they already are, but they are indistinguishable from the real thing when they do so. They are used by many different races as spies on the humans here on our planet. They are not friendly to humans. (1)


Their natural form is a rock of some kind. Their size depends on their age. You could be a small rock to a big boulder depending on how old you are in Jotun years. They can shapeshift into humans which is probably more difficult. They can disguise themselves by taking the shape of inanitimate object, then when it's convenient, they'll become themselves again and eat you. This has happened on the Moon and on Earth. (2)

They were not a carbon-based life-form. They were closer to being living crystal than any animal that we can related to. They have the ability to change shape at will. You never knew when one was quietly acting like part of a building right next to you, or the sidewalk under your feet. Younger, smaller ones, could even duplicate people. Their nature demands that they consume everything they can. They can only take on the shape of something comparable to its own size: a young Jotun can only become a rock, small item, or a child; an older Jotun can become a boulder, a building, an adult human, etc. To take on the look of a human is impossible for most. To get through dimensional gates, they have to travel in a protective container. The membrane that covered them was a seamless, microporous, aerosol barrier that allowed the Jotun’s form to stay cohesive as they passed through a wormhole. (3)


The Jotun have visited the Earth for thousands of years. They did not fit into any picture or understanding of life that humans understood. While they had been around since the dawn of human history, their unreasonable nature had brought so much fear that people had reduced them to legend as the only way they could cope with them. (3)

The battle of China-Gate involved them. (1)

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