Pre-Adamite and hybrid

The pre-Adamites originated on Maldek and Mars. They are ruled by two competing royal bloodlines. The purebloods are members of the Super Federation Council

When Maldek exploded, the surviving pre-Adamites fled to their lunar colony and to their Antarctic colony as refugees, where they could make use of an Ancient Builder Race supergate miles underground.

On the surface of the Moon, they established glass dome settlements. They also establised a mining colony optically masked by the lunar wave, which is generated by a pulsing centrifugal device.

Approximately 55,000 years ago, the Draco launched a cluster bomb at their lunar colony, rupturing their pressurized domes on the surface and killing everybody inside. The survivors fled to the Antarctic colony.

Through zygote implantation, they interbred with the native humans to replenish their dwindling numbers, disrupting the Super Federation’s genetic experiments. Some of the hybrids retained the elongated skull and had less hair. These are Homo Capensis.

The catastrophe wiped out the pureblood pre-Adamite civilization in Antarctica. The survivors were Homo Capensises stationed in outposts on the continents of Soith America, Europe and Asia. They became the rulers of the ancient world.

The Native American tribes banded together to kill off the cannibal Homo Capensises. When the Conquistadors arrived in South America, they fled into their underground bases in the jungles. In the 1600’s or 1700’s, they migrated to Europe where they united with the other contingent of Homo Capensis. The two bloodlines are still at odds with each other.

The remaining Homo Capensises are concentrated in London and mostly in the Vatican. Those in the Vatican wear mitres to conceal their elongated skulls from the public. They rule the world financially and through religion, behind closed doors. They form the backbone of the Secret Earth Government Syndicates.[1]

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