Blue avian
Blue Avians are 8-feet-tall, avian humanoids covered with indigo-blue and violet feathers, varying on an individual basis.[1][2] This is the same group which identifies itself as Ra from the Law of One.[1]

Characteristics Edit

They are avian humanoids. They have powder-soft skin like smurf .[3] They have flexible beaks. They speak telepathically and, at the same time, use hand signals with one hand.[1] It's a real soft, flexible beak, and when they speak they do a sign language or motion with one hand. And then they move their mouth around, and they communicate telepathically.[2]

History Edit

They provided the SSP Alliance with their non-lethal weapon technology which drastically increases the size of metals, such as weapons or blades, so they become useless for a short period of time.[1] In addition, they have made contact with civilians on Earth separately from their relationship with the SSP Alliance.

Communication Edit

They will first introduce themselves to you in a lucid dream. Once you are ready or have accepted their invitation, they will appear to you physically.[4][5] As protocol, contactees are given a formal greeting which includes a phrase.[6] The Blue Avians use this greeting with all beings for operational security.[7]

References Edit

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